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I'm Stacy Walker, Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®)

Some months ago, my web site disappeared!  Rather than point fingers and lay blame – TELUS! – I’m simply going to pick up where the loss of my web site left off. I want my clients, friends and colleagues to know that I am not only still in business but as dedicated and as busy as ever! 

Not Retired, Not on Sabbatical and Not Asleep at the Wheel!

Contact me anytime at 780-717-1745 or 

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I started my organizing business in 2004 with rose-colored glasses planted firmly on my face.  I soon discovered that although there are many directions one can take in the field of professional organizing, the area that I love to work in is the mental health side of extreme clutter and hoarding. 

Hoarding Disorder is a puzzle.  The mental health challenges that are so often pieces of that puzzle are what makes this work so challenging and at the same time, incredibly rewarding. I have had the great good fortune to work alongside a mental health therapist, Terri Bailey, who has taught me so much about the mental health aspects of hoarding.  Together, we have facilitated support and education groups for folks with lived experience of hoarding since 2010.  We have presented many educational workshops for professionals, communities and other stakeholders to help bring a greater understanding of hoarding disorder, reduce stigma and highlight the need in our communities for more robust supports and services.

When all is said and done, my passion is working with folks in their home.  I love to help people inside their own environment, helping to make real, sustainable change. Making a home safe, functional and maybe even comfortable is what keeps me motivated, stimulated and loving what I do!

This passion for organizing and helping people runs deep.  My daughter, Jessica Walker, is a professional organizer too.  Jessica is owner of Organomics Professional Organizing, with lots of on-the-job experience and the same love for making a difference in peoples’ lives.  She calls it “changing the landscape”  You can reach Jessica at:              780-984-8824, or email: 




Organizing, decluttering, coaching - the best and most effective change happens slowly with smaller, incremental changes in behaviour, decision making and skill building.  My preferred method is to work with clients in their home, in shorter (generally 2 hour) sessions as frequently as schedule and budget allows.  Another factor that can affect frequency is anxiety level - hoarding disorder is an anxiety disorder - and managing anxiety is often a part of the equation.  

This on-site, one-on-one, work is billed at $95.00/hour + gst.  I offer one, no charge - no obligation assessment visit to make sure I'm a good fit for you and your situation. 
Individuals looking for group support are welcome to check out The Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta or contact me directly for information. When funded, The Sorting Through Hoarding Drop-In Support Group meets weekly, alternating in-person and virtual meetings.  The virtual meetings allow people from out of the Edmonton area to attend. 
Together with my colleague, Terri, we offer 'made to order' Sorting Through Hoarding Workshops for Professionals.  The workshops are offered in both in-person and virtual formats, half day, full day or two day.  They are designed to bring greater understanding to professionals, loved ones, communities and other stakeholders.  Topics include stigma, what is hoarding vs what is not, myths about hoarding causes, behaviours and recovery, anxiety reduction strategies, communication strategies and practical decluttering strategies, all presented from a harm reduction perspective. Please contact me for pricing and scheduling. 
In collaboration with The Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta, I am part of the team that is working on: 
Trauma Informed Support for Individuals with Hoarded Homes in Crisis and Capacity Building for Services to Support Them

Safety Support for People with Hoarded Homes in Crisis is a protocol that offers multi-disciplinary support to individuals who live in a hoarded environment where health and safety risks are high and timelines are short.  

Central and most important to the protocol is the individual who is struggling with hoarding challenges.  Our trauma informed, supported methods are intended to be sensitive to the unique challenges of each individual, the least traumatizing and the most likely to produce long-term success.

Capacity Building is the training offered to professionals and volunteers to carry out the Safety Supports protocol.


Professional Affiliations


  • OPC/POC – Organizing Professionals in Canada (Trained Professional Organizer – 2007)

  • ICD – Institute for Challenging Disorganization (Level II Hoarding Specialist)

  • NAPO (Board of Certification for Professional Organizers) CPO®

  • HDFA – Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta (founding member)

  • EHC – Edmonton Hoarding Coalition (active member since 2010)

  • Sorting Through Hoarding Education and Support (co-owner)                      Serving the Edmonton, Alberta area                                     780-717-1745
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